Tim Chantarangsu
Keep Ya Head Up
[Hook 2x]
You out getting money, (money)
You out getting paper, (paper)
It's all good, just ignore all the plenty haters (haters)
Don't fess up (no)
Just get up (yeah)
Brush your shoulders off
Lil' homie keep ya head up

[Verse 1: D-Pryde]
I had my share of bad days and stuff
I got people that don't appreciate my love
I got haters and the people always making the jokes
Cause I'm speaking my mind and making this dough
Nobody likes me but it's okay man
Cause I'm happy I'm alive every cold day man
With the youth struggling, I'm hearing the voices
Some kids are doing good, but some had bad choices
Like the wrong crowd and the wrong friends
To the point where they're sad and the life all ends
But I'm here for you homie, I got your back young
And no matter how bad it gets, you should stay intact from it
Every problem has a solvent so don't give up
You got dreams and your pride, you gotta live up
So keep your head up homie, as long and it's true
And if you had a bad day then this song is for you

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Traphik]
It's so hard to stay up when they keep pulling me down
Feel like an outcast in school and I got bullies around
I've been stripped of my chips like playing in Vegas
But I stay on my grind cause I'm destined for greatness
Say what you want if it's hate then I'll take it
Soak it up, breath it in, exhale the fake sh*t
Cause behind all the hate is straight jealousy
Cause I make it rain and you stuck where the umbrellas be
Everybody telling me: "Tim Just Ignore It"
But I love the hate, in fact I adore it
Out there is a war that I'm playing against
So I look to the Lord and I'm praying for strength
They say that sh*t happens and it happens for reasons
When I wake up in the morning, I'm just happy I'm breathing
So I will not give up, and my heart, it won't break
Cause you make zero percent of the shots you don't take

[Hook 4x]