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"Insecure Girls"

This is right here
Goes out to all the young girls out there
Who look in the mirror and you don't realize how beautiful you are
Because of what media tells you
Because of what magazines tell you
Aw, but check!

She was a young preteen obsessed with magazines
Always watched the model scene on the television screen
Looked up in the mirror and the only thing she seen
Was a fat and ugly body never thought she was a queen
Squeezed into her jeans and all she could do was scream
Spent all her daddy's money on the lotions and the creams
Man she spent a fortune never had reinforcement
Daddy never hugged her 'cuz her parents were divorced and
When she ate she forced it or cut it into portions
Then spent the rest of the night just clutching to the porcelain
She used to be so pure but she gave the intercourse
To a dude that's abusive 'cuz she feels so insecure
He's cheating and he beats her but they never gonna break up
'Cuz when her eyes are black and blue she covers it with make-up
The companies be lying just so they can get they cake up
C'mon baby look you're beautiful you need to wake up

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