Charlie Sheen
Char-Char-Char-Char-Charlie Sheen!
Char-Char-Charlie Sheen!

[Verse 1: Traphik]
The melancholy mind of a methodical man
If we the Fugees I refuse to be the Pras in the band
Put my face upon a shirt
You got a popular brand
Ready to blow with no paper
Put the snot in my hand
Then I wipe it on my pockets
See I got the green
Check the scoreboard I'm winning b*t*h, Charlie Sheen
My cla** is at dancing
I'm pa**ing with honors
Shaking hands with the daddies and I'm kissing their daughters
Jin, Dumb and Traphik
Dim sum in cabbage
Kim Chi and Pho Tai, somebody pa** it
Cla**ic on wax
Make sure that you blast it
I'm killing this track
Throw dirt on the casket
These rap kids really kind of bore me though
It's all the same moves like some choreos
Give me a gla** of Tiger Blood and some Oreos
If you don't know me, I'm your daddy, son
Maury show
[Hook: Jin]
They say I lost my mind, Charlie Sheen
They say I lost my mind, Charlie Sheen
They say I lost my mind, Charlie Sheen
Yeah I still said it

[Verse 2: Dumbfoundead]
Tiger Blood in my veins got me fired up
Charlie Sheen, Bob Marley, Steez light it up
Robin Hood to my hood, keep my friar tucked
Sittin' by the aisle, Flyer miles pilin' up
I'm the one cat who flew over the coo coo's nest
I take big rips, Who care about the YouTube hits
I'm a blue nose pitbull if it knew jujitsu
And held two pistols and nuclear missiles
Dumbfoundead they call me dumb but I'm far from it
Got a room full of people and it's star studded
Jin been killin' battles since I was in sixth grade
Loadin' video clips up on my 56k
To the D-Day lives Timothy de La to the ghettos of LA
This is how I get without my Ritalin for ten days
ADD since I learned my ABC's
Us three, Charlie Sheen went major league

[Hook: Jin]
[Verse 3: Jin]
To stay alive I gotta be smart
Keep a level head
Cause I ain't trying to be dumb-found-dead
See I don't do subliminal disses
Guarantee that if I come at 'em you won't miss it
Gotta step my curve at the vent bars up I blew it
Had a Charlie Sheen punchline but he beat me to it
It's ok though, I don't hold grudges
And if we ever do battle, I'm pying out the judges
Me and Traphik got a history too
He don't know it, but I met him just to get me some views
I'm just goshin', don't get it confused
At interviews, I be telling people that Tim is that dude
The three hot shots, back at it again
But since we Asian, I guess that's just two-and-a-half men
(say what?!)
So get ready, we about to be all on your screen
They say I lost my mind, Charlie Sheen

[Hook: Jin]