You’z a Ho, Ho, Ho! (A Holiday Acoustic Freestyle)
[JRA intro]
What's up y'all?
Happy Holidays...
Happy Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa...
And we got this cautionary tale, about some young ladies...
Who broke our on holiday season
And we smoke upon them!

We call 'em Hoe Hoe Hoe Ho Ho Ho Ho-o-o's (ey)
You'z a Hoe (ey)
Some dirty Hoe's (ey)
We ain't talking 'bout Santa claus' "Ho's", girl you'z a Hoe! (ey)
A dirty Hoe (ey)
Baby girl, you'z a Hoe!

We was chillin' by the christmas trees (yeah)
She started lyin', I said b*t*h please
I thought you told me that you were single
But I found out that she went down on Kris Kringle (uh)
I gave her my all, but I found out she licked on his jingle balls (oh)
Man, I said get off my c*ck
You're not gonna get no d**k in the box (D**k in the box)
She used to smell like herbal essences, (right?)
I spent all this money on a new present!
I found out that she cheated on me!
So I beat her up, yeah I beat her in 3,..
2,1, couple black eyes, 'cause she cheated with a couple black guys!
You don't know me I still SMACK guys! (ho-oh)
Then I found her home-girl and slapped thighs!
We call 'em Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe's (ey)
You'z a Hoe (hoe)
A dirty Hoe
You probalbly had sexual relations with Santa's helpers
You'z a Hoe (Rudolph too)
Even that reindol... Rudolph with the reindeer nose

[Lil Crazed]
So I met this girl, legs tryna get between
I give her the color, vending cream (uh)
Yeah, she was on my whishlist
What I want for Chrismas
But now she's dismissed! (wow)
Like school, I straight straight schooled her, (uh)
And I didn't like her
I fooled her, (wow)
Around her
Then I took it out the window
Played games kinda like Nintendo. (oh)
Weed, weed
She played with my weed
I took her right down and she went like: "Wiiiii!"
Then she ate it
Went around and Baked it
Gave her the cookie, Now she wanna make it
Christmas dinner, (uh)
I called her a winner. (ho-oh)
But she was a sinner, I didn't like her Saint, (ho-oh!)
So it's okay girl, dry out like paint!
We call 'em Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe's (ey)
You'z a Hoe (ey)
Such a dirty Hoe (ey)
An 'H' 'O' (ip)
And all your girlfriends are dirty hoe's
Dirty hoe's
I hope you don't kiss your mom with that mouth, girl you'z a Hoe

Yeah, this is what I'm spittin'
This life is the life that we live in!
It's getting close to Christmas
Skitted on her lookin' at her thicc-ness
Yeah and then b*t*h started twitchin'
I dunno but me I'm just spittin'
Yeah, 'cause she's a dirty Hoe
Ridin' in my car and I kicked her out the road (oooh!)
Yeah, 'cause she's a hoe
JRA, let them know!! (Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!)

You a Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe!
You'z a Hoe (ey)
A dirty Hoe's (ey)
You mess with all of my bro's (b*t*h)
What's up with that girl?!? (You a Hoe!)
You a Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe Hoe!
You'z a Hoe (Why?!? I loved you! Why?!)
Why did you have to mess with Kris Kringle?
Why girl?!
I thought you was single
And ready to mingle. (oh)
And jingle with my balls. (*crying)
With my balls
Do the jingle ball rock
With JRA, Happy Holiday
*Rambling over freestyle*