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"So Far So Good"

Tellin' me she never had a thought of infidelity so”tellin
[Verse 1: Twankstar]
Check 1-212
Not to be informal, but I wasn't what you'd consider normal, never chose video games over writing a song
And I never been strong, or argued inverbally, I murdered them, over a beat and a verse, you see, music in my bloodline
I mean the art form, not the thug kind
Sucky punchlines be on it, we on it, you'll never get beyond it
We poor, you cakin', you flaunt it, you take it
Came and made it, I'm leavin' in the good suit, everything you would do, I'm doing it the best, dude
The plain seas, stackin' all this with ease, meaning my kids shouldn't struggle if I'm payin' the fees
But, under the pressure, you never protected
I'm guessin', since the biggest artist barely be sellin' they records, so check it
I never focused on being the dopest, even though some really believe, wide body, for showin' it
Poet is his scheme, creativeness is his dreams, living as a picture with audio as the theme
Flow so fluid and lucid, there's no question, I do it just for the love of it, but the cameras is greatly appreciated, mama I made it and honestly, Mom, I'll be sure you livin' comfortably
And my lady know everything I'm prepared to be, and tellin' me she never had a thought of infidelity so

[Hook: Twankstar & Traphik]
So far, so good, doin' all I could, stayed out of the hood, but everywhere I go, my music shows, my life, my pain, made me the man I became
People tell me what I ought to do, so I'm in love with you

[Verse 2: Traphik]
Yeah, uh, Tre-Phik
Now as a class clown, he's now, young and I would speak, make a joke for the folks, but most were tongue in cheek
But my teacher always told me not to interrupt his speech, so I would always get detention during lunch and in my seat
I would write then recite, they be quotin' my schemes
And other rappers wanna battle by the soda machines, who got 5 on it, put some dough in my jeans
Who woulda thought spittin' flows would then grow into my dreams
Well now it seems, the funny little shrimp in the class took it to another level with the pen and the pad, makin' the whole fam proud, not to mention my dad, who always gave me dirty looks for every F that I had
I knew from the beginning, when I was just a little kid, the fame and the fortune would be something I would end up with
ADHD, please give me a ritalin, and now they see me in HD when I be gettin' it

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