Team Backpack Cypher at A3C 2014
[Verse 1: CyHi the Prynce]
I’m Martin Luther with the heart to shoot ya
Screaming "hallelujah" walking out the jeweler
F**k the highway trooper and the prosecutor
Shades made by medusa for the barbecuers
Sh*ttin’ on 'em in the club, I'm a party pooper
My cigars from Cuba and my broad's from Hooters
My patna got the goopa, and I got the buddha
‘Cause kush ain't that hard to push like a car in neutral
We were the first n***as rocking Dior Homme shoes
I’m in a cla** of my own, I went to home school
‘Cause when ya money Nia Long, fool
You can even make Stacey Dash if you want too
Pull up in that jag like I'm Jones-Drew
Just called my patna for a quarter, that’s a phone booth
A redbone is who I'm prone to
Cyhi the Prynce, you looking at the Watch the Throne crew
3 hot emcees, huh, and I’m all of ‘em
I got a New York state of mind, I just talk southern
My name ring like after you hit the call b***on
And hater you a nobody: Paul’s cousin
Haters talk tough and won’t draw nothin'
Pull out faster than the first time you got caught f**kin’
Remember when you had the green by the mile?
Yeah, rest in peace to Michael Clarke Duncan
Back when my n***as had the white and soft bunkin'
Drop the flour in the pot, look like a rice ball dumpling
Getting doe, got me walking pigeon-toed
And I get laptop like the Microsoft company
When I say that I'm the best, shot’s fire, pow pow!
Sound like somebody let a rifle off or something
This is lemonade in the sun
What you know about spending days on the run?
Yeah, my last project was a masterpiece, sh*t, like the slave owner's gun
And, yeah, I’m underground like the railroads
I will never change, I'm jail clothes
In my shell toes
I’m Bones Jones with the strong, holmes
'Cause all i got is elbows, n***a

[Verse 2: Rapsody]
It’s been a pleasure to f**k up you n***a’s energy
Feel me as a threat, big as Pac, Biggie, and Kennedy
Walk the path where the 'menities missing but never cared none
Heart’s aware, something up my sleeve, but never spared none
Sacrifices, the nicest, the black Mola Ram
Welcome to the temple of doom, I’m holding your heart in hand
Run them over, I’m not the Joker, you’re just a joker
All my life i been nice, as probably most of
Your Black Dantes, Andrés, Kanyes, and Hovas
Majority of most people that made us sleep on sofas
Just woke up off one, it's real bossin’ if you ain’t noticed
Work hard to be hotter you gotta survive the coldest
The talk show I ain't been chauffeured, yeah
I got drive
9th Wonder, I been a threat, I hope they got nine lives
I can run with any one of these n***as you idolize
Ain't none of my tires been broken
I’m so soft spoken
But not really tho
I'm still killing these n***as like
“Eeny, miny, moe”
Yeah, yeah, like
“Eeny, miny, moe”
I’m still killing these n***a’s like
“Eeny, miny, moe”
Yo, God should send back Christ
Just to resurrect B.I.G. so he can tell me I’m nice
The best in life you seen in awhile
Don’t worry ‘bout me, they more worried of vows
‘Tween Wiz and Amb and so and so
I spit that hella cancer
Jamla the squad and Rapsody your favorite answer
[Verse 3: Caskey]
F**k the government, f**k the law, f**k the crooked pigs
I’m reading out of their book of sins
I got so much drive to serve y'all, I can cook in my Benz
Iller than wheel, just look at my rims
Some folks don’t feel you till they feeling yo hook and yo Timbs
Stomping out the compet**ion, no step team
You’re like p***o vid on Bangbros that says "wet teens”
You’re getting f**ked by the industry
Stuck, f**k your sympathy
I pull up, gun chords gettin' struck, that’s a symphony
Say your squad ready for war but you’re not an infantry
Nah, you're a b*t*h, you getting smacked, that’s the pimp in me
Simply put, I’m right here 'cause that was meant for me
And I wack Lucifer when that pu**y attempt at tempting me
Temporarily going through therapy
Got a b*t*h who take care of me
But that b*t*h got a motive, that sh*t ain’t charity
I f**k her to some Jay, when I bust, moment of clarity
The rapper turned white but no white rapper’s compare to me

[Verse 4: Traphik]
I said it's obvious
I heard that you was talkin sh*t, anonymous
Well I’ll karate punch your body guts into the audience
I kill sh*t
You probably won't acknowledge it
But I know how you pussies work, I’m the gynecologist
They see the joke and they say, “Man he cheesy”
But I got bar’s on the low, kinda like a speak easy
Try to keep me down cuz I keep it so real
But I got a brain like a broken fridge, no chill

Renaissance man, Mr. Jack off all trades
Fresh off the top like tappers and bald fades
They looking down on me ‘cuz im not to tall
But now I’m making headlines like my hat to small

You really must be sleeping if you ain’t never seen me
I went from youtube video now i'm on MTV
Now I’m the only asian dude up on BET
Man, i feel out of this world it’s like i could be E.T