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"Supply And Demand"

[Verse 1: Traphik]
I'm that dude you shake your head at, cause you mad at my accomplishments
Call me c*cky, cause you lacking with the confidence
Nice with everything, I'm like your favorite condiment
Pretty motherf*cker, they should put me on a monument
Pass me a fat ass with some cocoa butter
And after I smash that I'll take photos of her
The fans on YouTube always asking for new vids
So I made a sex tape, and uploaded it on YouJizz
I bust a pus*y up like a house with no doors
Addicted to my lines, I'm calling them coke whores
And it chills down your spine, like you're walking on cold floors
You scared to show your face like you got a cold sore
So why you mad like you stubbed your toes skippin'?
Cause my flow so cold it got your whole nip in
Cause you lack in soul like a dinner with no chicken
When I'm next to a mic, I stay winnin', no Pippen'

The treacherous streetlights
Call for the blinders
Glaring the dark side of
The rule of supply and demand
I’ll never be street wise
But signs of the times I know
Will reveal themselves in beastly shapes

[Verse 2: Traphik]
The kiddies love me cause I'm funny and I'm a rapping Asian
I showed them how to get the bunnies, and my swag's amazing
You hatin'? What can I say, man, I'm glad you made it
Try to get ahead, and you will get decapitated
Find me on the street, I'm the dude who's walking funny
di*k sore from f*cking and a pocket full of money
I got enough so share, cause my days are always sunny
But I get grizzly like a bear if you put your hands up on my honey
So fall back, like I blessed you in a church
Cause looking this good is both a blessing and a curse
So many wanna rap, but not impressing with the words
What you really need to do is take some lessons and rehearse
So you can eat sh*t, dip it in sh*t sauce
I'm p*ssing on you lames and it's getting me p*ssed off
I'll break your navigation and tell you to get lost
I come harder than a di*k and your chubby girl's tits' soft

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