Rack City
I don't even like this verse
No shut up! (Mustard on the beat, ho!)

Uh, rack city, b*t*h, rack, rack city b*t*h
Uh, yeah it's Timmy b*t*h
Let me play with your t**ties b*t*h

I go hard on the track you would think I'm in a chain gang
I got that good wood, but not my chain main
Bout to set it off, hands up, bang bang
My turn to blow like I'm last in a gang bang
I'm in Paramount, find me with the vatos
Get a Latin lady and im eatin' out her taco
Hit it from the back now I'm tearin' up the gato
Make her face change like I'm Pablo Pica**o
You can't play me, stop that, pause it
Too much fly sh*t
All up in my closet
Make a video then I make a new deposit
Write a new rhyme then I never memorize it
They gon' say Tim, write about some deep sh*t
You want some deep sh*t, jump up in the sea, b*t*h (B*T*H!!!)
Listen up, 'cause you won't have Tim long
Cause I'm ill to death... Kim Jong
Get it
'Cause he's dead
Kim Jong Il
Just died
Yeah, yeah
I gotta rest this one, guys

Rack city, b*t*h, rack, rack city b*t*h
Black t**ties b*t*h, black, black t**ties b*t*h