[Hook: Auburn]
I don't need you or your brand new Benz
Or you boojee friends
And I don't need love looking like diamonds
Looking like diamonds

[Verse 1: Lil Crazed]
Okay I'm young and I'm reckless, I do it bigger like texas
Though I ain't whipping a lexus, I still be pimping ya exes
I'm in a honda with sandra ya baby mama in common with this chick
They both sucked my finish the sentence
And I keep winning and wining like there's no limit to Alex
So if you wanna get on my level you better switch it to expert
But most can't be me, can't see me like finding fish in the desert
So if you a hater see you later take a trip to the exit
Like bye....bye, hasta luego
I got a chick I call Bay, that's cuz she came from Francisco
I got a chick I call J, that's cuz her booty like J-Lo
And both chicks get the goods, cuz they're looking muy bueno
I'm saying, hold up, hold up, hold up, stop there
I'm royal in this game it's clear you lames are not player
And you a clown from a carnival, I am not fare
Cuz I'm top tier, and you are bottom rear
I'm outta here, I'm faded like more then outerwear
With a goldilocks laying in my bed she call me papa bear
Stop it there, it's obvi, I'm c*cky, but try and stop me, I dare
You to, but you dudes are like broken bluetooth, you can't compare
I got a motto I follow, dropped down to 4 letters
KEWS, kill 'em with success and now who do it more better
That's why the ladies always looking towards my 4th letter
So I let 'em have the D, full court pressure
[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Traphik]
I'm so sick of remixes, b*t*h I am original
But y'all don't wanna listen so I'll give you what you're wishing for
Sharper than the cutlery you keeping in your kitchen drawer
I give the magic stick to these b*t*hes like it's Gryffindor
What you b*t*hin for, pu**y? Grow some testicles
See me, I'm in 3d, yeah you betta grab your spectacles
Bought your girl some panties, cherry flavored, yeah they're edible
And after I got finished she said "Tim that was incredible!"
This is too easy, king of the sleezy
Can't leave the a** alone your dame needs me
Spittin' with precision, keep it cleaner than a squeegee
Green under my jeans guess I'm living like luigi
Don't be a follower, just be an individual
My skeet is getting swallowed so my children are invisible
Uganda be kidding, I won't take your kids
F**k a kony this is timmy, make me famous biiiiitch

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Auburn]
Never one for drama
Packing zeros like a coma
I been fighting since I was a kid and real ones show me honor
And no diss to Chris but I will hit'em hard in any genre
By the end of it they asking what they name is like Rihanna
You can be my Eric Forman I can be your Donna
And my words are so addictive I prescribe them like a Dr
And I got alotta lots for all my dealers like Impalas
On this track with all my egg rolls they call me they cup java, ha
Flow so deaf yet it still surpa**es
Stretched outside the box like elastic caskets
I'm made separate its like I was born with brackets
Cut the beat and bring the claps in
Get your hands up you won't regret it
I meant it thats why I said it
My words ain't ain't too hard to chew you can eat it up like spaghetti
We throwin' partys confetti
Invite them all if they pretty
They probably say I' suddity when I'm the only one spending it shows
[Hook x2]