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[Verse 1: Traphik]
Now how does one explain the sudden feeling he feels
When he's not sure what he's feelin but he knows that its real
To take something intangible and try to explain
Not fully understandin all the thoughts in my brain
Relationships had always made me sick- done wit em
Then she came up and hit me like some bricks- a ton of em
So now my mind struggles just to try and comprehend
And make sure what I'm feelin is foreal and not pretend
I wanted not to deal wit it and chill wit all my friends
Cuz everyone's in L (love) wit one and sells it like a trend
Ive tried to force a feelin that just seemed so far away
And after all was said and done I found it hard to stay
So that now I've move passed all the drama I delt with
Imagine my surprise when I met this chic and felt sh*t
So much of my life I spent hidin and fightin it
Looked into her eyes and I kinda started likin it

[Hook x2]
Chillin' here in the atmosphere cuz that's where her love takes me
Head in the clouds but I'm lookin around and I can see that's my baby

[Verse 2: Traphik]
Now how does one forget about the ex and how sh*t went
And movin past the fact that I got fears of commitment
The fact is I don't know, tryin to make sense of it
You hit me wit a text and then I start getting all sensitive
Like damn I'm a b*tch, but dude this girl is beautiful
Just take me by the hand and you can push back all my cuticles
I know I got some baggage and u feel as if im panickin
But everytime I see you all my fears just get to vanishin
So Intoxicated by the way that you just taste
Forget about the haters baby move into my place
Certain things about that could not just be replaced
Like when ya nose is itchy how you scrunch up ya whole face
And everything before that I ever thought was corny
Started makin sense to me I wish you woulda warned me
Im takin by sensations that I just wasn't prepared for
C.H.I.A. girl you got me airborn


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