What Do I Have To Do?
What do I have to do, to make you love me?
Love me? (x5)

[Verse 1: Traphik]
Yeah, uh
See the fact of the matter is, all this chit and chatter gets
Up under my skin a bit, all I can do is laugh at it (Haha)
I'm giving you a gift, wrapping and the packaging
And you just leave me hanging like a jacket in the cabinet
You probably thinking I be talking 'bout a female (nope)
I'm talking 'bout the critics and the comments and the e-mails
I'm putting a song, man, you nitpick every detail
You liking it one way and then you change it up, shemale (Ugh)
Had a bad day? Well I can give you a distraction
But you like a Rolling Stone the way you get no satisfaction
If you had a dime b*t*h with a booty and some knowledge
All you'd wanna do is wine like a bourgeois alcoholic. (yeah)
My momma told me it's impossible to please
Every single person cause the hatin's a disease
So I'mma take this hate and I'mma cook it in the oven
Cause I'mma do my thing whether you hate it or you love it

[Hook: Traphik & Dumbfoundead]
(Love me)
They either hate me or (Love me)
They always hate me or (Love me)
But your girl still (Love me)
Yeah (Love me)
What would it take for you to (Love me)
Man we love y'all
Take your girl from state to state
We the guys that you love to hate
[Verse 2: Dumbfoundead]
I wear my heart on a sleeve for ya
Show my life through a Canon 5D for ya
MP3, I make my art free for ya
Just some love and respect is what I need from ya
But I catch you on the forums talking sh*t
And it feels like getting back stabbed by my friends
LittleTroll86, Haterkid59, I forgive you for things that ya’ll said about my rhymes
Ya’ll trippin'
I find your comments cuter online than small kittens
I could picture you on your Mac with moms b*t*hin' in the back telling you to get a job
On that Broadband but you never had a broad
You’re ungrateful, I just keep giving you a plateful
Every single day but you can’t seem to stay full
Ya’ll are like my Exes , taking me for granted
Im slept on but can’t leave you hanging like a hammock


Hey, hey, what we gotta do?
Kick a 16 while jumping through a flaming hula hoop?
Hey, hey, what we gotta do?
Jump out of a plane without wearing a parachute?
Hey, hey, what we gotta do?
It sure do take a lot to impress you
We really should rest, but we never get to
'Cause you know we do it all for you
You know we do it all for you (x4)
Man, I’ve done like, 2 videos a week for the past 5 years
And these kids wanna tell me I've changed cause I bought a watch?
Get outta my face, man!
Love me (x5)
Ah, ahh
Love me