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"Extra Dope"

Flow: Da da daaa..
Traphik: Traphik, Young Duece!
Flow: I like this. It’s feels good, don’t it?
Traphik: Yea man
Flow: Elbee Thrie on it

Verse 1 (Flow)

Now let me hear you say hey, then say ho
Shortie get busy, make it dip low
It’s Flow, yea it’s Kidd Flow but
Now we’re all grown up
So let’s get poed up
We can get throwed, but you gotta sip slow
I ain’t tryna see you throw up, unless it’s your hands
Or it’s your deuce, Or it’s your fist
Or it’s your 6(S) yea you we’re in the b*tch (fresh)
Now lemme see you just bounce, don’t it feel good?
Don’t it got class? Yet it’s still hood
You gotta represent (represent) where you’re from right?
I’m from the Gem City, so I’m dumb fly
And I got the funk, I got the rythm
I got the blues, all in my system
I feel so alive, cause I got the soul
So I gotta shine, with or without the gold
Peace (to the east, to the west coast..)

From the east, to the west coast
They all agree, we’re extra dope (4x)

Verse 2 (PJ)

I give peace to the World
Let me flow, time to grow
Be successful and hope the World hopes
Working towards better things, so I have those things better
So those better things make things a little better
Okay represent what you stand for
A lot of undefined dummies don’t know what they stand for
I keep it real, uh yup, tell you how I feel.. I’m
Eating artists on the low.. happy meal, Yeayaa
Feeling clever? I’m feeling good
I was born in the jungle, make it if you could
Because we seem so close but we’re not near
I bet you felt the same, but I never fear
I make this music sound clearer for you bad ears
So come on, come and stand up
Hands up, keep it moving, no dance stuff
And from the east to the west coast, demand us


Verse 3 (Traphik)

Now extend your hand to the fam and dap me
You know we go way back, like Grams and Pappi
Back when that redbone was winking at me
Before she did her hair and her strands was nappy
I know my roots and they’re so deep seeded
Ice cold soul, but it’s so reheated
Kicks got stolen, feeling so defeated
But I try to spread love because I know we need it
Coast to coast, LA to Manhattan
Clean on the scene, I don’t need no napkin
Pour me a coke and mix it with captain
No time to wish, I just make it happen
F*ck mistakes and my bad decisions
Carry no hate, you di*ks are all forgiven
I just make music and hope that you listen
Life is too short, I’m just trying to live it..


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