Twisted Insane

"Sick And Twisted (feat. Twisted Insane)"

I light you b*t*hes body wit some gasoline
If anybody really wanna fight the brainsick team
I be rappin I be spittin I be off the green
No golf no club be swinging at my enemies
I'm on a
Different level
I made a deal wit the devil
I'm spittin pedal to metal
For the people that can spit it with me
I haven't made it but feelin like I'm the greatest
I gotta get up and take it
I'm one of the few that don't fake it

Got a
Unpredictable, flow invinciblе
Tried for years but f**k the pеace im through
Cried my tears and fought my fears im true
Sought the cheers and split the jeers in two
Had a minute long speech on the bad guy
Now i really be up on a track wit insane
Half of all you rappers man you ain't fly
Auto tune out the sh*t like T-Pain

Man I'm sick of all the crap
Wonder where your head is at
I be spittin like a minigun or motherf**kin gat
The pace that I be settin
Your face get all red and
Indented and shredded
Get out my place you're not welcome
Cause I flow with the wind
Cope with a grin
Sewed with emotion I'm holding within
Dope from the medicine
Coke with the Gin
Talk what I thought when I wrote with a pen
Oh sh*t
Who the f**k got this kid started
Too fast sound like he stuttered
My raps survive when i plummet
I don't want it
Change maybe
But i never will flaunt it
Deranged crazy
Whatever you wanna call it
You know we runnin this game
While you f**kin runnin your wallet
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