Taco (Rapper)
50 Shades Of Sex
Its after hours, tryna see what you on, I'm sure you know whats on my mind thats why I'm calling yo phone/ Put that lingerie on and get them candles lit, I wanna show you personally how I handle it, beat it and dismantle it/ but i can go slow as well, see I'm a know just how you want it, cuz yo body will tell/ I got you all up on that wall, like a hammer on nail, I'm painting pictures, make it vivid, hold it up while I nail, I got you biting on yo bottom lip, grabbing the rails you got me licking on that body, while I'm gripping yo tail, I brought the oils you getting spoiled, yea this shit getting real, I'm loving how you model for me while we listen to Kells, yea I beat that pussy like I'm fresh from the cell, you give that brain that make it harder to fail, thats off the scale/ I put my name on it, like I'm signing a deal, I'm running too that pussy like its a check in the mail, on the real!