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Loving Caliber


I bet you think that I should calm down
And that I’m overthinking everything ‘bout you
And that we’re good the way we are, mmm

But I don’t know that much about you
What things you like and what you don’t
It’s not that long since I met you for the first time, mmm

You know we should work it out
You know we should work it out

Before I’m too invested
I should probably ask ya
Ask you all my questions
Get to know you better
Like, can you be trusted?
Will you take me for granted?
And will you let me down?

I know I’m feeling something for ya
The way you look, the way you laugh
And how you move, haha
It kind of makes me go crazy

But we should take it slow
Work things out so you don’t let me go
When I come real close
I don’t wanna get hurt
‘Cause I’m not ready
To give you my heart yet
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