Lady A

"Champagne Night (Tiki Bar Version)"

[Verse 1: Hillary Scott & Charles Kelley]
The stars go out on the Sunset Strip
But after last call, ours still stay lit
Make a twenty last like it's 1990
Way out here where we're from
We don't say, "Ooh-la-la, Pérignon"
Don't need no bottle service budget (No)
Got no money, but we love it (Woo)

[Chorus: Hillary Scott]
Raisin' plastic cups to a life of luxury
C'est la vie on a Friday
We get dressed up in a blue jean tux
And we go where we don't hear the highway
Don't need doubles and bubbles
To get in all kinds of trouble out in the country
Don't need a crystal chandeliеr to have a real good time
Wе're drinkin' beer on a champagne night
A champagne night

[Verse 2: Charles Kelley, with Hillary Scott, Hillary Scott]
No velvet booths in our hometown bar
Our VIPs are drinkin' PBR
No, we don't need a high-rise skyline view from a window
'Cause way out here (Way out here)
Where we're from (Where we're from)
We don't have to be fancy to have a whole lotta fun
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