Pooh, you a fool for this one
Oh Lord, Jetson made another one

Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
The first n***a play, I'ma body a n***a (Ha)
I just checked my balance
I'll probably pull up to your hood
And come buy me a n***a (No cap)
You know that your ho told you that n***a crazy
Don't think that she lied to you, n***a (b*t*h)
Get caught with your ho when I'm poppin' 'em both
Now they high just like Bobby and Whitney (Haa)
Say I'm the goat, act like I don't know
But f**k it, I'm obviously winnin'
Don't make me go hit the bank and take out a hundred
To show you our pockets are different (Ha)
I'm out with your b*t*h and I only want knowledge
She got a lil' mileage, I'm chillin' (Uh)

You disrespect me and I'll beat your ass up
All in front of your partners and children (Ahh, ahh)
I'm the type to let a n***a think that I'm broke
Until I pop out with a million (I pop)
Take 20K and put that on your head
And make one of your partners come kill you (Yeah)
Say he f**kin' with me then he gotta grow up
'Cause this n***a gotta be kiddin' (Kiddin')

This sh*t, it can't fit in my pocket
I got it, like I hit the lottery, n***a (Hot, hot, hot)
Opp, I'll slap the sh*t out a n***a
No talkin', I don't like to argue with n***as (I don't)
Ain't gon' be no more laughin'
You see me whip out 'cause I'm gon' be done shot me a n***a (No cap)
I don't follow no b*t*hes on IG
But all of your b*t*hes, they follow a n***a (Ha)

And that lil' n***a ain't gon' shoot sh*t with that gun
He just pull it out in his pictures (b*t*h, uh)

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