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[Verse 1: DaBaby]
I got my young n*gga rich in 6 months
Play with me, get your sh*t bust (No cap)
I'm on the tour bus getting my di*k sucked
By a b*tch with a big butt (Yeah)
I like my hoes to be freaks, nasty
f*ck all that going to sleep, smashing
They like to wear the same thing like they twins
Don't tell me your name, b*tch, I'm calling you Ashley (Hah)
The other one Mary-Kate
I'm a n*gga who started in Section 8 (8)
Shout out to my mama, she got up out it
Come touch me without dying, I highly doubt it (Hah)
You know I'm on sight with this sh*t (Sight)
Lose a fight, I get life in this b*tch (Yeah)
You know I ain't lettin' that slide
I don't pay 'em no mind when they typing and sh*t (Let's go)

[Verse 2: Stunna 4 Vegas]
He probably mad 'cause Big 4X
And Stunna put pipe in his b*tch (Uh)
I one-night her, no likin' the b*tch
Ain't no typin' or fightin', I'ma strike me a b*tch (Come here)
Yeah, I make her eat the whole clique (Uh)
Lil' freak, she suck the whole di*k (Uh, uh)
I have a ho wide open (Huh?)
She like, "This lil' n*gga Stunna controlling" (f*ck)
Stunna the one, I'm chosen (Yeah)
In the mall, my stick poking (Uh)
Play, leave your sh*t split open
Put his soul in the sky, make you sit, floating
That sh*t they kick bogus
Act tough, my jit smoke 'em (Gang)
I'm waiting on a n*gga to trip on me
I'ma just empty the clip on 'em

[Verse 3: DaBaby]
Cross your boy out, hit a lick on him (b*tch)
Stick her tongue out her mouth, put my di*k on it (Uh)
And you can get popped wherever I shop
In the mall with a knot and a stick on me (Yeah)
I need a coupon for that pus*y (Why?)
'Cause you know I'm not paying for it
I f*ck 'round and beat up a hater
Choke me a lil' n*gga out like it's Baby Boy (Yeah)
My b*tch like Yvette, mmh, lil' ghetto thing (Huh?)
f*ck 'round and get her wedding ring
She know I ain't nothing like Jody
She ride my di*k like a pony
I pop out and let off like Tony (Brrt)
Oh, you wanna play? (Uh-huh)
Now I'm getting like fifty a show (Uh-huh)
And I just did like two of 'em today (Yeah)

[Verse 4: Stunna 4 Vegas]
He better watch what he say, uh (On gang)
I throw my youngin some change, he hop on your ass
Wanna go hop on a plane, jane
These n*ggas having that drip, but really be pus*y and really be lame (pus*y)
Big dawg, I can't be tamed
Won't talk, I get them staked, on gang (Uh)
My lil' n*gga itching for stain (Uh, uh)
No dates, put di*k in her face (Thot thot)
Watch out, we got sticks in the place (Fire)
No pencil, I get 'em erased
Won't cuff her, I f*ck her, then she get replaced (Ooh)
Like move, b*tch, give me some space (Move)
She got her hand by my waist (Ooh)
She just wanna suck on a rich youngin
f*ck it, I'ma give her a taste (Ugh, ugh)

[Verse 5: DaBaby]
Uh, f*ck that (b*tch)
Don't spit my nut out, get my nut back (The f*ck?)
I'm killing this b*tch from the back, I break her
Make her walk out with a hunchback (Yeah)
I call this b*tch Quasi, no Modo, I'm tired
Looking too drowsy, no photo, I'm firin'
On you and your partner, you know ain't no stoppin'
I stay on green light, I'm on go mode
I came and f*cked up the motherf*cking game
Did my motherf*cking thing
They ain't know, now they know though

[Verse 6: Stunna 4 Vegas]
Uh, I got the rap game in a chokehold (Choke)
I be fresh to death, so, so (Ooh)
Clean on a ho, don't get too close (Uh)
We can't kiss, that's a no-no (Nope)
Ain't finna rap beef with no bozo (Nope)
These lil' n*ggas just want some promo (f*ck)
I get back on that f*ck sh*t (f*ck sh*t)
BDB Ent, we run sh*t (Gang)
Don't mention me, they gon' touch you (Huh?)
You ain't slanging iron, why you clutching? (pus*y)
And we with all that dumb sh*t (Yeah)
No IG, we ain't finna buffer (Nope)
We catch 'em and up sh*t (Come here)
f*ck all that talking and fussing (On gang)

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