"Can’t f*ck with Me*"

Lyrics from Snippet

I got 20 on my beat

I'ma sit here and let n***as think they can f**k with DaBaby (Let go)
I ain't even recorded in months, and I ain't doin' sh*t
They too muhf**kin' lazy (Ahh)
I went got me some ice, and I ain't really trippin'
Still feel like that n***a without it (Uh-uh, bling)
If you bring me some money, just make sure it's neat
I'ma make your ass sit there and count it (Bum b*t*h)
Ooh, that lil' n***a trippin', he childish (Ooh, woo)
That boy out his clothes, need a stylist (Ah)

They know he switch his flow when he wanna
He get beat up and act like he gone in a coma
Know the media wrong, they believe what they wanna
I'll be the n***a make him a believer
Beat him up, go to sleep, he start shakin' and sh*t
Call the ambulance, that n***a havin' a seizure (Burr)

I hope when-
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