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"Flick Of Da Wrist"

Baby Jesus, though
You  already know it
You  already know it
Aesthetic on the track, boy
Baby Jesus
You  already know it
Shoutout  to you if you listenin' to this
'Specially if you a pretty little female
Aesthetic  on the track, boy

Sweet baby Jesus
Check out the flick of my wrist
Pull up in my whip with a b*tch who don't ask me for sh*t
Yeah,  that's how I like 'em, a b*tch with a check more excitin'
And she so conceited, she don't even speak
Try my luck for a week, ask her friend was she dykin'
She say more than likely, cool, 'cause I'm feelin' like Boosie
Just got a fresh cut, I can see that she choosin'
And I don't give a f*ck, sleep on me and you're losin'
Lay on my chest and I rub on your booty
Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the cutest
But don't get it twisted
I forgot to mention the pistol right next to me, b*tch, I'm a shooter
sh*t, ay, we gon' stay away from all that, though, that sh*t gettin' lame out here, let's go
b*tch, I'm from Charlotte, don't know how to act
A lot of these artists don't know how to rap
Watch me put on, set the tone for my city
I got your b*tch out that thong on a Wednesday
We hit the diner right after the club
When she see me, act like nothing happened in public
Forever our secret, I'll never discuss it
He got that iron, that boy swear he be clutchin'
I look in his eyes, I can tell he won't bust it
You know most of these n*ggas be fake as a b*tch
Never told on a soul, can't relate to a snitch
And therefore we are not the same
Your mama and daddy ought to be ashamed
Should've used a rubber, gave birth to a lame
I stick to the code, that's the way I was raised
Pull up on 'em hoes rocking gold, switchin' lanes
I'm sorry but I'm way too gifted for n*ggas
Persistence, I'm way too consistent on n*ggas
City full of dogs, I'm the pick of the litter
f*ck the fame, the fame don't mean sh*t to me, n*gga
One of my freaks woke me up out my sleep and start asking 'bout who I been f*cking
I told her she wasn't my b*tch so don't bother me, sorry, that matter's not up for discussion
I got that cash on me like it's Monopoly, look at my pockets, n*gga, them sh*ts bustin'
n*gga used to be my n*gga but f*ck him
Baby Jesus can't break bread with a buster
Love the way that she give head but don't trust her
She make me feel like I could walk on water
She call me papi but she not my daughter
She f*ck with Baby Jesus 'cause I'm not normal
I was at South by Southwest down in Texas
Performin' walkin' through the crowd like a veteran
All thanks to Dinero, salute to my n*gga, he gave me the platform, I had to deliver
At the last minute hopped on the plane with 2,000 CDs, ended up on a stage
Selling shows in three days, man f*ck all that playin', they gon' know about Jesus
f*ck a hater, go ask your ho about Jesus
Bet she gon' keep it in the low about Jesus
But I'll dap you like your ho not a cheater
I-85, .45 and four pounds of reefer
Exceeding the speed limit
Increasing volume on my Runner speakers
Bumping that new Baby Jesus
My vocab astonishing, manipulation of wordplay is dangerously lethal
How they gon' hang with Lil' Jesus?

(f*ck n*ggas talkin' 'bout)
Look at the flick of my wrist
Woo, yeah (It don't matter though, I'ma go right around 'em)
Look at the b*tch that I'm wit'
Baby Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, hey (My n*gga Slim try to keep that, what I just said, on it)
(You should, I'm wit' all that sh*t)
f*cked up (It's DaBaby), I done invested in myself (f*ck)
Got the Yo in the crib, it's over
(So Disrespectful the muhf*ckin' mixtape)
You already know it
(If you a DJ and you not playin' my sh*t, you ought to be ashamed of yo' goddamn self)
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
You already know it (f*ck is you thinkin' man?)

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