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"Hotline Bling (Remix)"

Baby, Baby, Baby Jesus
Baby, Baby Jesus
Gotta stutter when you say DaBaby

[Verse 1]
My phone keep on ringin', act like I don't see it
Your negative energy f*ck up my vibe
Sending me threats, telling me you outside
Goofs in your high school to f*ck up my ride
Said you did it again, said it is what it is
Scratching my sh*t, I go paint it again
Flatten my tires, I get bigger rims
That girl smile and I hit all her friends
And she know I'm a dog, I'm dog, I'm a dog
Worked real hard, finna take a vacation
I'd rather do this sh*t on my own
Don't give a f*ck how much longer it takes me
I never f*cked with these n*ggas before
I f*ck with 'em now so they feel like I made it
Talking subliminal, this sh*t is pitiful
How they let that n*gga feel like famous?
God damn, let's see act these n*ggas gon' act
Your b*tch around me, it's a wrap
I just sent her a pic on the Snap
I'm gon' hit your lil' b*tch from the back
It go down in the DM, I put her to sleep, got a Tylenol, PM
That's your baby momma, I call her my BM
They hating on John 'cause they all wanna be him
I really don't understand why n*ggas hating on me, all it took was some time and some patient
I got a whole lot of fine b*tches waiting on me 'cause they know one day I'ma be famous
I got a whole lot of people that need me to feed 'em
They know that I got 'em, I won't ever leave 'em
I dropped out of college and start makin' more than my teachers

Now all the b*tches, they love me
And the n*ggas they hate me
'Cause they all wanna f*ck me, woah, woah
As long as nobody touch me, we gon' keep gettin' money
We ain't worried 'bout nothing, no

[Verse 2]
Your girl might need some di*k in her life
Don't even lie, she get in your ride
I pull out that di*k and she know how to ride
Pull your seat-belt, I don't know how to drive
I treat your ho like a ho all the time
Never I wanted your ho over mine
Say that's a lie, but you know she be lyin', hey

I know when that hotline bling, ha

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