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"Jump Man (Remix)"

You know when I get quiet I'm always up to something, man
You  know that, ha
That  boy up to somethin'
Ayy, look

I'm laid over the bad b*tch waiting on a package
Just  had a flashback, I used to have a p*ssy mattress
And  I done choosed to trap, it's what I had to do
The police riding up and down the avenue
As  soon as they touch me, running it up on the boulevard
When you only keep it 100, I guess they can't pull your card
f*ck the lean, I'm on the Henny
f*ck your main, I'm gettin' plenty
I  prolly pull up in my Honda, I drive wherever I wanna
And I was just starving on Friday but now I'm back balling on Tuesday
He probably hate on my b*tches, runnin' round calling 'em groupies
I ride around with extensions, I keep it on me, I'm Gucci
I get a whole lot of Benji's, I put 'em on me like Boosie
I f*ck up the juggin' for rappin', then I got right back to trappin'
I sold all the pounds for the profit, then hit the mall and went shoppin'
I'm who you call if you need me, need me, gon' get it, we got it
And I leave the gas up to Diesel, don't talk to me, switch the topic

I mean, yeah, it ain't nothing positive, it ain't about getting no money
I mean, where I'm at right now, you know what I'm sayin', I don't wanna have nothing to do with that sh*t, you feel me?
I wish everybody peace and blessings

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