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"One Time"

Just told my brother Ri, bruh, we gon' see a million dollars
These  n*ggas can't f*ck with me (I swear), ay bruh, I put that sh*t on our mama
I  pull up in that bumblebee (Skr), all you smell is cologne and good marijuana
Told you I was that n*gga but you didn't listen, I know you regret it, tell me what you missin'
Now watch out for these b*tches, won't leave me alone, they keep sending pictures, I need a new phone, woo
I  used to put on the same clothes all throughout the week but I still had them hoes
I  used to put on the same clothes all throughout the week but I still had them hoes
Then sh*t got ridiculous, I learned how to save sh*t, got out of control
(I  noticed that God has been blessing me heavily, pray everyday, but still nobody knows)
I perform on a stage in a few different states and I love to see people turn up at my shows
My n*gga went on 'cause I didn't have time, but still I had time to go f*ck with them hoes
I gotta do better, spend time with the family
Take  a vacation, get back to Miami
Smoke a blunt with my brother, go chill with my cousin
Make sure all my people know that I still love 'em
The fame'll do nothing, it's crazy, same reason they hate me, same reason they love me
But unfortunately I am impatient, I won't keep you waitin', I'm gon' keep it comin'
Consistently creatin' music and stackin' my paper, preparin' for something
Said f*ck it, I'm dropping a mixtape, quit telling me be patient, bruh, this sh*t ain't nothing (You right)
I was approached by a n*gga in public, ain't like his demeanor so I started clutchin'
He told me he f*ck with me, f*ck with my music, I let go the tool, told the n*gga I love him
I told him take one of my CDs, he told me he got one but he need another
And that was at 6:45 in the morning, I ran out of Swishers while I was recording (Woo, woo)
(The music my money, this sh*t got me geeked)
Fly to the islands with one of my freaks
You already know I'm turnt up on the beach
That's why I didn't pick up my phone for a week
f*ck it, I'm living, I know when these haters won't get me
Got [?] he got me, nobody can stop it
What you think? I'm Baby Jesus, these n*ggas make believe, I make believers
But how many said that sh*t when I was John?
She tell me she f*ck wit; me 'cause of my grind
Been grinding forever, I told her stop lying
I told her she f*ck with me 'cause of my shine
It don't even matter, sh*t, how can I blame ya
I am a god with the gun and the weapon
Shall prosper, I'm walking with heavenly angels
I have just noticed my calling was to be your prophet
Disguised as an artist to put on for Charlotte
(You already know it, nobody can f*ck wit' me
n*ggas around me, all of 'em grew up wit' me)
Some of them n*ggas, they didn't grow up wit' me
But I bet they wanted nobody f*ck wit' me
You already know it, we calling 'em coming
You already know it, free all of my cousins
You already know it, n*gga, Baby Jesus

(Shoutout to all the real n*ggas, man) Smoke some one time
Let me f*ck some one time (It's DaBaby)
I want suck some one time (Baby Jesus)
You already know (So Disrespectful the muhf*ckin' mixtape)
Hey (Girl said I'm hood)
You already know it, hey (Golden Child, what's happenin' my n*gga)
Hey, hey, poof, yeah
(Ay man, ay man, how the f*ck I host my own tape, man, without shouting out all the real DJs out there that I f*ck wit', man, shoutout my n*gga DJ Trap, my n*gga Mike Mad, shoutout to my n*gga DJ Cuts, DJ Ingenius, False ID, DJ B-Easy, DJ Chuck T)

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