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"10 Bands"

Leave that sh*t on there Slim, it's how we rockin' now
Yeah, Baby Jesus, Jesus
I like the way you do it, it's DaBaby
So Disrespectful the muhf*ckin' mixtape, Baby Jesus

Look, I think it's safe to say I'm the man
I'm pitchin' game underhand
From a city where n*ggas hate everything they don't understand
In a city where b*tches date just to say that they got a man
Soon as he get a chance, he go f*ckin' 'round with her friend
That's life, and that's the way that we do
Screaming who wanna see me 'cause honestly I can't see you
Start off knocking your dreams and ironically wanna be you
Most of these n*ggas see-through, that ain't the type you should lead through, uh
I wouldn't have it any other way
Just ran into this stallion just the other day
She told me that she like my music, thank you
I told her that I like her booty, can't take it
She started laughing so I know she choosy, hm
I told her we should go and catch a movie
Maybe go and eat some sushi
Chicken, shrimp, and steak hibachi
Yeah, at Kabuto's they treat me like family
I know this pretty thing from Cali, she speak fluent Spanish
I'm so far from being average, she don't understand it
I been working like a Mexican that's in Miami
She told me I'm way too busy, I told her I'm tryna get it
Maintaining my tunnel vision, obtaining a f*cking million
The only thing that we're after, we saw it when we was children
Yeah, I'll be rich before I'm 25
That's the type of sh*t I was saying 1999
Go ask my mama, I was born in 1991
Another wild 90's baby riding wit' a gun
f*ck holding back, I think it's time to sh*t on everybody
If it's not making me better then I don't care about it
You play wit' me and I'm not gon' shoot any air about it
No, this track remind me of the summertime
Blowing X and smoking kilo with the windows down
Switchin' lanes to the music, I'm that n*gga now
I see you n*ggas on my case, the way you n*ggas 'round us
It's not how I rock
When I pull it out, hit the floor because it's already c*cked
When I'm not 277 doing circles and sh*t
I see how that n*gga hatin', that boy worse than a b*tch
Old pus*y ass n*gga, put a skirt on that b*tch
Paid my mama to get a rental, put some work in that b*tch
Fill that motherf*cker in gas then I skrt in that b*tch
And I ain't talkin' 'bout the type of gas that work for the whip
Aw man, I'm talkin' OG Bobby Johnson
Do you like that n*gga song? It's the realest shotta
Don't worry 'bout Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus got it
Rest in peace to Velma Johnson, free my cousin Dotty
Come on, yeah, n*gga
10 bands, 20 bands, 100 bands, f*ck it, man
Baby Jesus in a sprinter van
Baby Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Jesus, aw man

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