"Pink Toes"

[Chorus: Offset]
Hey, pink toe vibes in the condo (Pink toes)
Richard Mille more than a hundo (Richard Mille)
Shawty ain't gon' shoot but got a gun, though (Shawty ain't gon')
I'ma spend the loot then kick the front door (Who?)
Baguetty come from Heaven, I'm so petty (Baguetty)
We ain't buy the cap that you keep sellin' (Keep sellin')
I done spent 250 just on bailin' (Two-fifty)
This some pressure cooking that I keep inhalin' (Pressure)

[Verse 1: Offset]
Vibes on my line (Vibes), Chanel mob ties (Chanel)
Drippin' homicide (Drip)
Pull up in the coupe and let the wings touch the sky (Wings)
Shooters on the left, we ain't lookin' at your spies (Wings)
Please don't try to try (Try), Perky on me high (Perky)
Plain Jane, Patek Philippe, time flies (Patek)
Flyin', I can't trust him, you can't trust him 'cause he shy (Slime)
Diamond choker sittin' on my turtleneck, a tie (Woo)
I'ma put a baddie on Addie, they call me daddy (Call me daddy)
Ain't no static, we clappin' the automatics (Clap it, clap it)
Ain't no cappin', we stackin' the mathematics (Stack it)
Ain't no nappin', the package, we gotta catch it (Package)
Let my dog hit it, gon' pet, that b*t*h a Shaggy (Grr)
I make your b*t*h sleep on the floor, I make a pallet (b*t*h)
Put this drip on, I get fly, on the carpet, like Aladdin (Fly)
One pound, count to ten, see the MAC-11
n***a broke, he a peasant (Bow)
I'm swimmin' with the sharks, don't go out when it's dark (Sharks)
Parallel park, Lamborghini be the art (Skrrt)
Tell the b*t*h hit the road, Jack, like I'm Ray Charles (Bye)
Ten car garage, I put ten in the loft (Ten)
I put ten on your boss (Ten), set of twins at the house (Twins)
Straight up out the North (North) from your chin to your mouth (Chin)
Drip, need a towel, like a fill, water fountain (Fount')
If she put it in her mouth (Mouth) I pay her bill and her house (Hey, hey)
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