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"Zoom (Freestyle)"

That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby
f*ck you talmbout' n*gga?
Y'know, uh
The best rapper
f*ck you talmbout'?

I ain't drop a freestyle in a minute
I've been outchyea trynna have a f*ckin' bussiness (Uh, uh)
f*ckin' n*ggas b*tches
Drinkin' on liquor, Henny, Henny (Haa, haa)
f*ckin' on my liver (Haa)
I'm a real Tenne' n*gga, I ain't use a tendant (Mwah)
I don't want a room, I'mma f*ck her in the Sprinter (Mmm)
We don't follow rules, I'mma pass her to my n*gga (Huh)
She don't got a truth, catch her laughin', I can hit her (Haa)
A n*gga hopped on the highway to come buy some bags for me (Zoom)
I feel them sh*ts over some rapper weed (Weed)
That n*gga ain't streety, just sweep (Sweep)
By my [?] (Haa)
Pull up to the spot to go and thumb through the money (Through the money)
I got papercuts from the twenties (Damn)
Just met the new plug on a thursday (Haa)
We gon' take him off on a sunday (Zoom)
Let them n*ggas talk, I ain't stuntin' it (Stuntin' it)
I'm chillin' like a boss, gettin' blunted (Chillin' like a boss)
I count the backend at the show (Uh)
I turn it up and tell me I'm a hunnid (A hunnid)
You chillin' but I'm steady, gettin' money (The money)
Boy, tell me that you scared to get the money (The money)
Don't tell me I ain't tell you how I'm comin' (Haa)
I'm strapped up in this b*tch, kneel before me (Okay)
I baby-step on and they dig that (They dig)
I dropped Baby Talk 5, yeah I did that (Haa)
You know I got the heat, ain't no question (Uh)
Chillin' with a freak and her bestie (Okay)
Trynna book a show, know I'm with it (With it)
Trynna get a boat, come get it (Come get it)
I'm the hottest unknown n*gga (Zoom)
Baby Talk 5, go and get it

That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby

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