You know everybody been waiting on that Baby, man
I mean, it's like ever since Baby on Baby dropped, man, like, you know (Ever since Baby on Baby dropped)
Ain't nobody drop sh*t (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)
Let's go, hah

I needed some sh*t with some bop in it (Let's go)
I flew past the whip with that blunt in my mouth
Watch the swervin', that whip had a cop in it (Woo)
My b*t*h got good pu**y, fly her 'cross the country
I finish the show and I hop in it
I got me a milli', I did it legit-ly
I'm still with the sh*ts, I'm a hot n***a (Hot)

[Verse 1]
Oh, you asking for pictures with n***as? (Huh?)
What's your name? Get the f**k out the spot, n***a (Get the f**k)

Tryna figure which deal I'ma take (Uh-huh)
I woke up, couple mil' on my plate (Let's eat)
I'm investing in real and estate (Uh-huh)
I just went gave my mama a hundred (A hundred)
Probably won't hear me open my mouth 'less you hearin' me talkin' 'bout finding some money (Let's go)
As soon as I found it, I flipped that (Flip)
I'm a little bit different, they get it (They dig)
Know I'm stiff on a b*t*h and she dig it
Tryna find out why Baby ain't all in her mentions (Hah)
No, she ain't get no DM from me (b*t*h)
This rich n***a d**k, it ain't free
She be throwin' that ass, yeah, she good at it
Turn around when we f**k, make her look at it (Uh, she like, hah)
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