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Lyrics from Snippet

[Chorus: Rich The Kid]
Four check up, but I'm still sick (But I'm still sick)
Man, I know y'all n*ggas broke ass spendin' counterfeit (There you go)
Heard the Richard Mille like [?] the b*tch (Like [?] the b*tch)
I just made a half of mill', but I ain't counted it (Rich)
And my wrist sick, your pocket's thick
My pocket's fat as sh*t, I got the baddest b*tch (I got the baddest b*tch)
My whip's sick, my drip's sick
I just left the doctor, but I'm still sick

[Verse: DaBaby]
Let's go
b*tch, I'm sick like I got the flu, huh?
f*ckin' around wit' your boo (Yes, sir)
Back in that

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