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[Verse 1: DaBaby]
Oh, you think it's sweet 'cause you're up now?
You done got comfortable, huh?
A young n*gga turn up on anybody
These n*ggas not f*cking with us
Tell me you turned to a lover boy
You make a song for these b*tches
You must have forgot who you with
You must have forgot 'bout your millions (JStacks)
Y'all must have forgot I'm the realest
Huh? Huh? Doggin' these hoes
Yeah, I don't be callin' these hoes
Strapped up at all of my shows
I got .30's and all of my Glocks
All of us hot, uh
Ballin' a lot, yeah
f*ck is they talkin' 'bout?

[Verse 2: Lil Shaq]
Uh, they speak and they runnin' their mouth
You n*ggas, I'm callin' you out
I heard it's a real n*gga drought
Until they brought real n*ggas out
n*ggas ain't know I'm the realest
I stunt on a ho like I'm pimpin'
A whole lotta sauce got me drippin'
You better send shots with that dissin'

[Verse 3: DaBaby]
Uh, I f*cked his b*tch and he knew that
I pull up and hop out with two hoes
I left my new ho for a new ho
Bent down to his b*tch at the shoe store
She told me she f*ck with my flavor
I don't give a f*ck 'bout no hater
Go wherever I go with that banger
Play with me and you know I'ma spank him, uh

[Verse 4: Lil Shaq]
Keep a Glock on my side like a pager
Might slap me a rapper, might hang him
All my n*ggas corrupt and they dangerous
If she want some this, it might change her
On the first four, I'm f*ckin' for hours
You was gone, but ain't come in light powder
n*ggas fools, so they gon' get devoured
All my n*ggas blow up like the towers

[Verse 5: DaBaby]
Uh, these n*ggas scary
Don't talk my head off, I'm ready
If you gon' pull up, then pull up
When that b*tch up, they be stuck
I got your b*tch in my bed
That lil' b*tch sick with the head
I can't put sh*t in my leg
I had to give her some bread

[Verse 6: Lil Shaq]
Lil Shaq in the bag, make 'em go crazy
I don't trust sh*t but my Glock and my baby
All 'bout some trouble, so, n*gga, we ready
All of that hatin' gon' turn you real deadly
On that lil' n*gga, I'm hoping y'all listen
DaBaby in Pull-Ups, my n*gga was sh*ttin'
These n*ggas hatin', these n*ggas ain't with it
You come with them problems, I promise I'll fix it

[Outro: Lil Shaq]

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