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Lyrics from Snippet

Really think that she like me or somethin' (Yeah, b*tch)
We just do it like Nike or somethin' (We just do it)
Got that fire with no license or nothin'
You know I got that sh*t with that bop in it
Turn your sh*t on, your ho say, "Turn your sh*t off"
And now I got the media all on my di*k
Probably couldn't even pay 'em to get off (Get off)
I pull up, get the bag and I spin off (Let's go)
My lil' b*tch got that ass and a sendoff (Mhm)
I'ma pay for with cash, drop the sh*t off (Cash)
Play with me, bust your ass, I'm a big dawg (b*tch)
They gon' put me through the test, but it's cool
I'ma pull up with my dawg, do your mess in the coupe (Let's go)
I'ma pass 'em with the A, hit them n*ggas with a smile
Baby teach 'em to finesse, what you do? (Ah)
n*gga, never try to push up on gang with a stick to your n*gga
'Cause you're lame and you know it (Lame)
And you probably got that thing, you won't blow it
I see it on you, n*gga, all the time, you like to show it
Like the way I make 'em feel with my rounds, I'ma pour it
These n*ggas need to go and read a book, n*gga stupid (Ha)
If a n*gga see my text in their phone, let it go
I ain't tryna make 'em click and make 'em lose it
When it come to disrespect, we can roof it
Got a couple million dollars right now I make off music
They didn't think a n*gga was supposed to hop, they stupid
I own real estate and I own a lot of jewelry
I f*cked a lot of b*tches, I don't like to let 'em near me
I keep 'em over there, I tell 'em, "Treat me like your bestie"
Shot the last n*gga, b*tch telling me I'm sexy
I'ma keep on f*ckin' other n*ggas' b*tches if they let me
When I run and play sports, a n*gga use a right hand
Slap a n*gga with the other hand, he thought I was a leftie (Sike)
She rather f*ck with me 'cause...

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