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"I’ma Dog*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Ayy, yo, K.i.D

b*tch, I'ma dog, that’s how I talk (Grr)
My b*tch, she like how I be cussin' (Woo, woo)
Yeah, b*tch, she like how I be f*ckin'
I put her forehead on my forehead
Tell her, "b*tch, this pus*y mine, ain’t no dicussion"
She like, "Yeah," that's what she like when she be nuttin'
She back to back, that's how I act when it be up there
You broke ass baby daddy ain't got no car, ain't even got bus fare
You need my driver come and pick you up?
She be like, "f*ck yeah"
This where my brudda and'em keep all the drugs so we can't f*ck there
You put your hands on me, ain’t got no gun, you might as well play dead
How the f*ck them other leave you alone? That’s what my bae said
Just cashed out on the crib, top of the year, I'ma get that drop head
I like my b*tches crazy, crack a smile, you better drop dead

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