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"Pop Star (Edited) ft. Kevin Gates"

[Intro: DaBaby]
(Pop star) They gon' tell you I went
They gon' tell you I went
They gon' tell you I went
Pop star (Pop star)
What they gon' tell you? (Huh)

[Chorus: DaBaby]
They prolly tell you I went pop (Huh?)
Until a ***** play with me and he get popped (Yeah)
I'm on front row at BET without my Glock (Huh?)
I'm ready to beat a ***** up like I'm The Rock (Let's go)
And she ready to sweep a ***** up because he hot (Mm, mm)
She ready to eat a ***** up until he lock (Yeah)
She hit the brakes and speed it up like she a car (Hmm)
Now she got her hands behind her head like I'm a cop (Huh)
I told her "**** the police", yeah

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
She right beside me and she sendin' nudes (Let's go)
You ****** my *****? That's cool, I'm ******' ****** *******, too
If you try my shoes, they ain't gon' fit, man, you wear different shoes (Uh, uh)
Had to dumb it down for them to bite, now it's time to switch the groove (Okay, okay)
I pull up smooth wit' my lil' bae, but I coulda came wit' your boo (Uh-huh)
If you wit' the **** like I'm wit' the ****, when they play they gon' make the news (Yeah)
I was in your sis on Sunday at your grandma place, she cool (Uh-huh)
And if she raised you, I don't want her plate, no, I ain't even take her food (No thanks)
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