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"Really (Edited) ft. Stunna 4 Vegas"

[Intro: DaBaby]
Let's go

[Chorus: DaBaby]
They wanna know if he can rap, I tell 'em, "Really"
Tell my *******, "Call me Meek" 'cause I done finally got a milli' (Let's go)
You know how ******* like to act when they get pretty
Like to turn a ***** down, that's how I act when I get jiggy
**** around and tell her, "No," I wanna **** the ***** that's with ya (Huh?)
We out of Backwoods, ****, **** it, get a Swisher
Smoke a blunt, don't do no other drugs, turn up, go get some liquor
And I know I look good, so take your picture

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
Ayy, bae, I know that I look good, you ain't gotta cap
It ain't my birthday, but I wish a ***** would, I ain't gotta rap
Blow out a candle on her booty, that's that cake, she make it clap
She make it shake, we at the shack, she tryna break a *****'* back
Yeah, I skipped class, when I was a jit with no hall pass (Dropped)
And I'll drop ****, I pick it up, then I haul ***
She say she wanna ****, she don't wanna take a picture (Okay)
Her ***** NyQuil, I go to sleep every time I hit her
Don't know the password, so that ain't me if they respond on my Twitter
I got that hot ****, these ****** gotta go rewind it to hear it
They know I pop ****, I'll pop a ***** right now, they know I'm with it
And I only **** with ******* if they're pretty
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