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"Diamonds Loud*"

Lyrics from Snippet

... in it (Yeah)
Burnt out n***as be chilling
I turnt up, came back with a million (Let's go)
[?] cut the body, you keep it silent, really don't say much about it
You never tell them too much (Shh)
You know what's up, you know it's best to keep quiet
Diamonds real loud like a parade (Go)
Drumroll, everybody spray (Brr)
Cutting up with a n***a [?] (Woo)
Poke a [?] another braid
We got [?] like a maid
I know [?] spin [?] sh*t today (Doo)
I hope it ain't no n***as in the way (Ahh)
Light it up, I gotta put it in his face (Let's go)
New flip phone so the tap don't get it
Just bad [?], ain't no bad hoes in it
Walked in the spot, just five minutes later it was mad hoes in it
Team, we can get together baby, we can be a team
We ain't going steady if I don't like what I see
Five, four, three, two b*t*hes, just one me
Whoever go and kiss it get a ring
All my whips is push to start
Don't none of my whips got key holes in it
My all black Rolls Royce just push start [?]
[?] three or four freak hoes in it
I'm working like a Migo, gettin' it
Probably put me over, it's a legal tenant
I can't even hide it, the way I'm getting this money even if I whisper
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