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"Rich Criminals"

Al Geno on the track

[Chorus: NoCap]
When I'm on the scene, I don't show no sympathy
I got codeine energy, ayy
Since I was a teen, all I wanted was the green
All I wanted was the Christmas trees and designer clothes
I'm not worried 'bout the cost because I can't go broke
I touched a milli', still'll shoot you, rich criminals
Quit my job and I found out how to work a stick
Won't hide from sh*t, this b*t*h ain't got no tints, yeah

[Verse 1: NoCap]
Ain't talking Lohan, these designers lenses
Started balling, bought a .223 like Michael Jordan
I was thirteen, bought a rocket, felt like James Harden
Who the f**k let you n***as in? This a gangster party
Turn up the meter, woah
f**k her then leave her (Yeah)
Can't take the pain from me
This way deeper than needles (Yeah)
Neighborhood doctor, injecting the people who need us
I'm on the ecstasy, don't wanna hear nothin' from my last b*t*h
Was dead broke, now she f**k me just because my accent
Say I ain't sh*t but she keep beggin' me to get her ass did
I keep my metal, she just want her plastic
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