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"Gimme That*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Quarter million dollar whip, I drive that b*t*h like it's Chevy (Mmm)
I hit this b*t*h the other week, I ain't know that that was his ho
I ain't tryna be messy, I pull up, new bulletproof Lexus
2020 (Twenty), all these whips that lil' n***a be flexin'
She the; that I'm chocolate and sexy (Ooh)
All fifties on me, they pink they look just like her pu**y
When I wanna f**k, she gon' let me
I love my b*t*h 'cause she gangster
I say she look good, she don't even say, "Thank you"
She gimme that, "Uh," I give her a spank
I f**k with the gun on her bed like a gangster
Gimme that (Mmm), gimme that
That boy a grown man, girl, that boy ain't no baby
I used to pull up one D with the .45
I keep it real, I ain't told your ass no lies
Hold on, hold on, hold on (Shh)
Them hoes want me bad and I don't even know why (Go)
She ride the d**k on her toes
She put that pu**y in drive and she roll out (Go)
They think they in Baby's bidness, he buyin' Benzes
What do you know 'bout?

[Stunna 4 Vegas]
Uh, I'm pullin' on her extensions
Hit her way too hard (Uh), I might f**k up her blow out (Uh, uh)
I tote my gun when I...
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