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(Cook that sh*t up, Quay)
Go'n light that up, man
Every time I turn around, I had a play outside the door
Call 'fore you knock, n***a, call before you knock, the f**k you talkin' 'bout, n***a?
The neighbors think I'm sellin' dope

Baby, he don't wanna be a player no more
I was lookin' out the peephole with it
Every time I turned around, I had a play outside the door
Now a n***a goin' beast mode with it
I got fifteen beds, we ain't layin' on the floor (Fifteen, fifteen beds)
I done hit a lotta freak hoes
n***a, guess safe, safe for you to say that I'm a ho
I'm out the game, I'm not a player anymore

[Verse 1]
I got money to bail out
Won't pull over, they know we gon' bail out
Drop the window, turn right, throw the scale out
f**k you mean we don't ride with no scale now?
We sell them b*t*hes whole (We sell them b*t*hes whole)
I had 'em knockin' at my door, I used to have 'em for the low
My neighbors think I'm sellin' dope (Neighbors think I'm sellin' dope)
I had the AC on, every winter, young n***a had the burner in his coat
I hit a n***a with the fan
I hop out, Glock out, I was takin' pictures with the fans
I can show you how to ride without a tool
All them times I hit the middleman
All them times I took a n***a off
n***a wanna be a boss
But ain't have what it took to be the boss
She didn't know what it took to be my b*t*h
I ain't know what it took until I lost (Huh)
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