"Brother’s Keeper"

I'm my brother's keeper and it been like that forever
We can't help the sh*t we seen, we had to live through that together (Oh, oh)
All these demons on my soul, Lord, I need help fightin' these devils (Oh, oh, oh)
He play with me, he gotta go, go dig a grave and get a shovel (Oh, oh, K-K-KiD)

Get in the grave, I'ma help you get there
Two jobs, mama workin', minimum wage
Barely havin' rent, fare
We was motivated by them pitiful days
We was raised thе right way
Do the wrong thing, we get whoopеd like a slave (Whooped like a slave, yeah)
Make us go get a switch
Though you was the oldest so you got it worst (Worst)
You was the oldest so you got it first (You got it first)
I was the baby so I got it easy (Easy)
Remember us cussin' and fightin' in church
Knowin' damn well that as soon as we leave (As soon as we leave)
The look mommy gave us, knew we was gettin' hurt (We gettin' hurt)
One hand on the wheel and the other one swingin' (Other one swingin')
Get hit in the mouth, okay, momma, I'm bleedin', Jesus (Say)
Bruh, I been hurt, ain't had not feelings since we lost you
Feel like a prisoner of my mind, no one to talk to
Never let depression go unchecked, that sh*t'll cost you

Baby bro gon' walk down on any n***a ever crossed you
Still in my feelings, that sh*t been on my mind
Need to see somethin' die, I know who gon' be my victim
One of these n***as mine, no kizzy
My n***as just looked in my eyes, he feel it
Know I'm ready to slide, he with it
I told him I was gon' do it tonight (Yeah)
But instead got Masiyah and Rennie
I spent the night with them, yeah, that's my nephew and my daughter
Gotta give them both the world, I swear to God I got to spoil 'em

I'ma draw around this b*t*h, I'm payin' child support and lawyers
Tell that b*t*h to suck my d**k, she couldn't break me if she wanted
Let it still with the county
We was traumatized when we was jits
I was f**ked up when you found me
Since my big brother dead, guess I got four new kids
Uncle Baby totally 'bout it, Uncle Baby gon' make sure they got it
Just put a six-figure trust in all four of their names
They can already pay for they college

I ain't never been with them b*t*h-ass n***as
Get rich just to get rich and say that they got it (Walk)
The family in Europe but couldn't save my brother
But see how we grievin', can't say we don't love you
We all fightin' demons and we supposed to jump 'em
Just like mommy said, n***a

When we fight, we suppose to jump 'em, n***a
I love you, n***a
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