[Chorus: DaBaby]
Backwood stuffed with a .35 when I creep out
Probably throwin' peace signs out the window
I'm busy, I ain't got time for pretendin'
Yeah, hit her one time and forget her
Sweat when we f**kin', work out like it's fitness
We ain't goin' steady, try not to catch feelings
She tryna start rappin', she want her a feature (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)
I ain't into mixin' my hoes with my business

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
Plus I got my own b*t*h at home, I be chillin'
I can't even lie, I be feelin' alone even when in a room full of n***as
Devil play with my mind for a long enough time, now he don't even know how I'm livin'
Had to give it to God and went got on my grind and I turned up all on these n***as
Plus I stay with that iron, I'm Baby, don't pay me no mind
Told the b*t*h play with SEGA, don't play with my mind
Take DaBaby away, I'm still Jon, that lil' n***a gon' stay on his grind
I got all the way up out the mud 'fore I got here, they ain't really want me to shine
Plus, I ain't ever think I was like one of you n***as, I been this way since I was five
Thank God I passed it along to my daughter, her confident qualities
She only three, got a whole 'nother beautiful daughter
They look like each other, can't wait 'til the day that they meet
I knew it was room at the table for me to get somethin', so I turned up and got me a seat
Just to get what they want, they gon' say that they love you
You gotta be patient and watch how they creep
Took the diamonds off all of my teeth
Won't let them put me in a box, mama bought the Reeboks 'cause them b*t*hes was cheap
First day of school, we had new soldier Ree's
When I'm talkin' to God only time on my knees
Even while on your knees with your hands in the air, police shootin' before they say freeze
'Nother piece of us dead on the streets
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