"More Money More Problems"

Rich n***a can't have no feelings
Mo' money, mo' problems we got (Let's go)
You can f**k around, get yo' head bust
For tryna be somethin' you not (Boom, boom, boom)
I got a place for you on a T-shirt
And a date for you to see 'Pac

And when I walk in I don't even touch them hoes (SethInTheKitchen)
When I leave, they gon' follow me out (Let's go)
And when I walk in I don't even touch them hoes

[Verse 1]
When I leave, they gon' follow me out, watch this (Oh my God)
f**k what these n***as talkin' about
I just created a lane and took over the muhf**kin' game
And they soughted me out
I just got three hundred K for a show during COVID-19
I'm still hot in the drought
I'm on fire, n***a (Okay, turn up)
They can't tell you I ain't keep it real (Just know that they lyin', n***a)
What she gon' do? My b*t*h eat the d**k like it's ribs
I got the stick, we gon' see who gon' live
House big as a b*t*h, my sh*t MTV Cribs
He asked for feature, but my sh*t ain't cheap
n***a better save up, I ain't givin' no deals
I had to say this sh*t two times
For all the broke boys in the back that act like they ain't hear me
I put this b*t*h on the map, went and got all the platinum plaques
Brought 'em back to the city
She got a thang for me, she wanna pull out my d**k
And go, "Baby," and give it a hickey
Ain't been on the stage in a minute
But still on TV everyday, n***a should've went Disney (What you say?)
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