Colorado lyrics

Quaker City Night Hawks

Grab a fixed stack of napkins and Andy needs a c*cke back
Just like the night she dropped her phone off of the balcony
She says she's going to Colorado and gonna get her a motorcycle
We believe if she wouldn't say it all the time
We gave our paperwork to the soldiers at the checkpoint
He looked it over with a rifle in his hand
I start this time [?] airport
Flight across an ocean with [?]

I wrote this song on Christmas but none of you gave a sure thing
300$ we've got it on a stereo
Out to thе candy and eating psychedlic mushrooms
Staring into the firе, trying to make myself a plan
We'll go so fast sometimes it makes me dizzy
But I know the most of us just do the best we can
Never was one for big-city traffic
Flying across teh desert to the buildings made of sand

Let's call this the course, you know I'm so tired of writing
Three songs a day, how could anybody care
Gonna make it big, I'm going out to California
Gonna buy me a motorcycle and make a life out there

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