Stand Atlantic

"I’m Sorry"

[Intro: Bonnie Fraser]
(I'm sorry, I'm sorry)
(I'm sorry, I'm sorry)

[Verse 1: Mokita]
Well, I know we were young
And this probably sounds dumb
But when I think about you, I feel strange
There's so much I regret
All the things that I said
I just want you to know I've changed, I've changed

[Chorus: Mokita]
Well, it's 4am and I'm wondering
If you ever think about me
No, we can't go back, it's too late for that
But I hope you know I'm sorry

[Post-Chorus: Mokita]
I'm sorry (I'm sorry, I'm sorry)
I'm sorry (I'm sorry, I'm sorry)

[Verse 2: Bonnie Fraser]
I know you're not on your own
Got someone to call home
But when I think about you, something remains
Gotta live and let lie
And if it eats me alive
Just know I'm sorry for everything, everything
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