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Professor Green

"Epic Dreamers Remix"

[Intro: Rizzle Kicks]
Yeh RK, RK, What?
We're the believers, do you believe us?
I can find my place in my dreams
Said I can find my place in my dreams

[Verse 1: Pharoahe Monch]
Stay with my gristle spit, spittle
Swivelling' with the Rizzle Kicks
Never Fizzle we'll not spit gibberish
Riddle me this, uh forget about it
Hit ‘em with just a touch of
Love, A little bit a monsoon
Competition is simply drizzlin', whistlin'
di*ks missed me, with that you will get missed away
Don't you know that' I set my diary...
Earthquakes, tremors, T-vo, when I
Step in the venue, what's next on the menu?
Is intellect process, then tell, Intel, internet
Cream of the crop, Lean when I bop, like a feind
Seize them like Caesar
Mausoleum, when I skene
Super' superb, supreme, Magnetic from Queens
Athletics the words in the verse are mean
U-K, Rizzle Kicks, skip with the team
Pharoahe Monche see the place in my dreams

[Verse 2: Hines]
Say, I'm just a dreamer; with the trumpets dealer
Proper budget feature, but the thunder stealer
Couple drunken tweets, it's here to bust ya speakers
Chillin' with the Kicks, like a pair of comfy sneakers
So put your Zs up this is bigger
Than the cupboard of a comfort eater,
So hush your beats bruv, Leavin' Believers believing
Will end up in an office with my Uncle Peter
Come and see us ramp the beat up
Yeah we'll make their month like Augustus Caesar
Gunna, touch Selena off of Justin Bieber
Just to leave her crying like an onion peeler
He was such a diva; well I’m a quantum leaper
Running my lane like one hundred metres
I'm a scruffy teacher with a drunk demeanour
No sleep till bright and I’m a slumber seeker!

I can find my place in my dreams
Said I can find my place in my dreams

[Verse 3: Professor Green]
Erm, relax
Man it's pro, ha, I man this flow
Tracks about as simple as san dingo
Mingling in an indigo hat, or riddlin' with a di*k bigger than Mandingo
Let's have a party, pass me the wine
Pass me your watch while we're passing the time
Ram last me with a Bacardi and lime
Dropping E’s in the punch to bring the party to life
Bad of me I know, but it will come back to me
Should a sat at home with a brew and a bag of weed
If you weren't imaginary, it would've been a tragedy
Who invited pat and turn my Nan into an anony
It's the sh*t I see when I sleep, bro
Which is why I spend most of my time sleeping
Me, I don't spit, I just talk in my sleep
God forbid anybody wake me when I’m dreaming

[Verse 4: Ed Sheeran]
My dreams keep me awake at night
Written in rhymes, and lies, deliver the hype
Am I just living the lie
With this you must know that the number's just sold bro
Will keep me going through the tough times, dream with me
We forget 90 per cent of it when we wake
But the other 10 per cent it never fades
So if we're keeping dreams to day to day goals
Stay awake loads, try to make the cut like the
Paper or razor blade, never give up
And just remember just to hold out more
A couple years ago
I couldn't just control that thought
You'd find me buskin' on the street
When it was cold outdoors
And now I’m sweating on the stage
With the sold out tours
Writing love songs for the sake of it
Never to make a hit
You can't fake talent and work ethic just to make it quick
I'm not a rapper I'm a singer, I just take the p*ss and
Most of these other guys are guys that pose
His little sister has to babysit, that's just a way it is
Dreams you own, just set your goals
And have the utmost faith in it; tread your own path
You'll never make it as a follower, you'll never know
Where you will go or where you will be tomorrow cause

I don't care what you choose as fact
I'm gonna take myself to the moon and back
In my dreams
(My dreams)
My dreams
(My dreams)
My dreams
(My dreams)
My dreams
(My dreams)

[Hook 2]
Straight up me to the sand, I'm a spaceman
Yeah, with a suit to match
In my dreams
(My dreams)
My dreams
(My dreams)
My dreams

[Verse 5: Metropolis (Foreign Beggars)]
Yo, who's side parting rules in two thousand and now?
Still swinging on these fools
Never out for the count, wowing the crowd
Rizzle Kicks shouting me out
Thought I wasn't built for this, you can't be doubting me now
We were all team dreamers but only some relate
To Displaying traits that i'll equate to
Freak genius, Crowd in the palm of my hand
Like three creases, boss in the mic
You’re not even team leaders

[Verse 6: Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars)]
Yeah, I’m reaching out from the pinnacle
With a subversive use of crude syllables, I ain't stewed with the use of new palpable
Rap homocides, my hand writes to kill' em all
My vision taught the life line of a vicious brawl
And spring forth you'll laugh like a digger's fool
My lyrics calling out to the dreamers
Pick yourself up, spread love, time we cleaned up

[Verse 7: Chali 2na]
Chali 2na, Rizzle Kicks
Yeah, we do playing
I'm through playing
Cruise laying cushions cash like new crayons
We move women, I'm try'na improve payment
Kill the crowd then bring them back like it's a group séance
Grace the stage where taste for rage
When my pen touch the page, I complete the phase of MC
And in circus I’m try’na remain relevant
Pulling in this herd, one of the main elephants
Travel the world for irrelevant girls
My life is a rebel just like a javelin twirls
Used to get nervous, don't think just like the frivolous whirls
Not even a care in the world, it's my dreams
Misha touch the rim and reach the nitro rilby
We be the best kept secret like some micro film
At night go see them, or chances might go slim
Better be there when the lights go dim
Because I’m living my dream

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

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