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Professor Green

"All to Myself"

If I should die before I wake
My soul is yours to take

[Verse 1]
I've got this chick lodged in my brain
For a year now, we've been getting on the same train
From the second I set eyes on her, I knew that I loved her
For so long I've wanted to tell her, I've wanted to touch her
But today being a day just like any other
I'm shy so I keep my feelings from her inside while I suffer
I tried once to tell her, I got up the courage
Only to see her greet some other fella she hugged and gave a loving kiss
But yesterday, they had the lover's tiff
So I've gotta pluck it up cause I love this chick and I want her to be mine
I want her to be mine
And nobody else's I want her all to myself

All to myself, I want you all to myself
All to myself, I want you all to my
All to myself, I want you all to myself
All to myself, I want you all to my

[Verse 2]
Yesterday she was screaming about
How she was leaving him out, that she came home
To find him at home with some other piece in the house
"Give me back my keys", she's shouting
I felt my mouth twitch
My smile, I couldn't smuggle
Finally a chance with a woman
I loved just like my mother
Anyway today she dropped
Her copy of the the Metro
I handed it to her and smiled
To my surprise she said hello
Couple weeks of saying hi
And we brought up a rapport
We talked
To my delight, she doesn't like sport
I've got to stop being such a pus*y today
And suggest a date not to be pushy, but I think that she should be mine
I really think she should be mine
And nobody else's, I want her all to myself


She likes the way I greet her
She thinks that I'm a keeper
But there's a side of me
That she doesn't know
Not that I mistreat her
And I guess I'm a keeper
Cause once I get her
I won't let her go

[Verse 3]
So I suggested a date
And she accepted a day
She asked where we'd be eating
So I suggested my place
I said I'd cook her dinner
She said she'd bring the wine
I said there's plenty in my cellar
I'll see you at 9
And so at 9 I saw her
If you had seen the sight before me
Oh my God, I adore her
She is just so right for me
And how I feel about her?
She has no idea
She said she likes my house
I hope she'll like it here
And so I took her coat
She said something smells divine
It's going to go well tonight
I can feel it in my bones
And so I asked her if she'd mind
Helping with the wine
"It's down there in the cellar
Why don't you pick something nice?"
It took so long for me to get her
But now she's in my cellar forever and ever
Thought that she would be mine
I can't believe she's mine
And nobody else's
I've got her all to myself



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