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Professor Green

"Do For You"

[Verse 1: Professor Green]
There ain't much that I ain't been through
I used to sell drugs for a living
And even though I changed my career
I'm still stuck where I'm living
Certain man are livid, don't wanna see the progression
See the professor and wanna teach him a lesson
They wanna strip me, their girls wanna see me naked
I flow hot but they don't wanna see me make it
It gets deep on these cold streets
I always gotta worry bout my old beef
Same way I still dance through the bits
Jeans still sagging with a half of the piff

[Pre-Chorus: Professor Green]
You wanna see me down
If only you could see me now
Toe to toe, let's go, I've got no fears
Just know that I'll be here when the smoke clears

[Chorus: Sunny]
What can you do to me that I can't do to you?
What do you want me to do for you?
What can you do to me that I can't do to you?
What do you want me to do for you?

[Verse 2: Professor Green]
I am completely confused
And somewhat amused by the fact
That you think anything you could do
Or have done to me, I couldn't do back
Eye for an eye, shot for shot
You might have, but I've not forgotten where I am from fam
So don't bred it if you're not fam
Should probably call you woman cause you're not man
Certain man are telling too much lies
Took a shank cause I got too much pride
Rather that than kick though, it was a bit close
Lucky me, I'm still alive to get dough though



[Bridge: Sunny]
I, I see
A look in your eyes I've seen before, telling me love don't live no more
And you know I see
There's a thin line between love and hate and once you cross it, it's too late to come back

[Verse 3: Professor Green]
Few people'd tell you that I ain't sh*t
Still mistaking their jealousy for hatred
I wonder if it would've changed
If it wasn't for the game, either way I wouldn't change sh*t
Might give a little, but I take none
I am the difference, I ain't trying to make one
Suck out, you think I give a f*ck bout
When any of these pricks run their mouth?
Your speech long, say what you like
But take it as a f*ck you when I don't respond
So passed, I'm beyond, lickle man be gone
Before you're playing havoc with my ambience


[Chorus x2]

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