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Professor Green

"Upper Clapton Dance"

[Verse 1: Professor Green]
Wanna bop through these ends?
Follow me on a trot through the East End
Where we wear our hoodies in all seasons
Licking shots, dodging police constables
Walking with punk under balls
Jeans too low to ever to consider
Running or jumping walls
When I walk around here there's a couple of rules
Don't bling around here, tuck your jewels
Unless you wanna get done by the wolves
And don't fight back
A knife can be so uncomfortable
Before the changes
Before the Shell garage had the Sainsbury’s
I walked the street daily
And one ten for big fat goes in the navy
Black hoodies, Nike tracksuits and hats
Who'll fit caps and chaps
Jewelery fact, all that
Attracts all these cats
Looking to lash on your goodies
You can run but that's harder
Dancing between the cracks and black karma
There's so many murders you never heard about
Why do you think they call it the Murder Mile?
Cause they talk about violence like they know
And this is never what their life was
So righteous, when a few weeks ago
A bullet missed and struck a minor
Oh my old High Road
Good old Upper Clapton High Road
Northwold, Wigan, Southwald, Leaview
All my upper Clapton peeps

[Hook: Professor Green]
This ain't your regular two step routine
Take a few steps with me
Left foot, right foot, best foot, first foot
When you walk around here
You're best to walk firm
So follow trend if you wanna stand a chance
Follow the steps and let's do the upper Clapton dance

[Verse 2: Chynaman]
If you’re flash with your cash
Then invest, buy a mash
And a vest to match
Protect your stash, look
Haters hate but don’t hate them
Just do your thing and ignore them
Life’s a b*tch with problems
So f*ck it, come share them, look
Rubber guys you gotta watch them
Move to you, you got to pop them
Do or die, you got to take them
Let it slide, you're a victim
Ride with your pride
Ride with the 9
Get caught, then you’re p*ssed then
Just ride the time, do the Time
Mistakes, we can all fix them
Get six years, serve three
Get a kitchen job, that's me
Took top bunk, bunk bed
f*ck signing on, it's rent free
This ain't me, but it could be
Cause road life’s unsturdy
You beef it if it's worth it
You go inside you respect it
Respect it, ride it
Use the time to reflect in it
Get out, start changing it
Change sh*ts do shutting it
But back in the grime, back to action
Back to the hate, back to Clapton
Haters hate but don’t hate them
Stack your bits and show them


[Verse 3: Cores]
Let me tell you what that grime's about
To the media people that run their mouth
Too many of them knives and them guns about
So we got a hard time trying to find something positive to rhyme about
But if you’re mind's in doubt
Jump on the 253
Yourself and try finding out
If we think that you're lying, you'll be dying now
Put a gun to your brain
From here to the roundabout
To get murdered
And go on like nobody know 'em
But it's a murder in Soham and show 'em
It's so dumb
Lead people believe and who believe
These bars ain't going, swear down
We get banned from putting our show on
We get banned from TV and so on, swear down
Never hear the way the man go on
It ain’t easy
Believe me
You don't come past, and fast
And your cars gone
Look, stare and your cuts won't last long
Gold rings and I'll take every last one
Upper Clapton dance with a mask on
Go on, step in and they won't pull a fast one
Seek too many men
Pass on, this one could be my last song
And the reason I see man rolling
And the hearses get worse from first to the last one

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