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Professor Green


[Verse 1]
I kick flows, rip shows, think it switched though?
sh*t no, it ain't any different when I get home
I shift po to get dough, lust Ps
If you ain't ever been broke?
For you to judge me's an insult
It's my life and I'm living it
Agreed we all have choices but mine limited mostly by my decisions
If I knew then what I knew now I'd a lived live different
I'd be a different me but I didn't so this is me
Me, in my position what would you have done?
Would you of done what I did? Am I what you would become?
My guess, my guess is you would've succ*mbed like I did
The decision was mine but I was too young
An I picked the wrong path, I went the wrong way
Left school then got the grade, banged it out, got my papes
Stacked my Ps, copped a cake, I'm holding weight now
Made a brick off a ounce and ain't been in the jailhouse
I intend on staying free, free for me don't mean free from stress
Lay in bed but I ain't asleep
From I need rest I just blaze the tree's
Drift off hearing my Nan say to me

Good night, God bless
I'll see you in the morning
Good night, God bless
I'll see you in the morning

[Verse 2]
I'm a dreamer, but can only dream as
Long as I'm asleep I've, been having trouble sleeping
See Nanny Edie ain't here to say goodbye no more
I had to say goodbye to her, inside is where resides the hurt
Now all I feel is pain, after that nothingness
After that? Nothing since, after that there's nothing left
Some of her last words were I can't fight forever
Like she wanted to give up an of life she was fed up
She had to go but I wanted her to stay
Cause ever since she left, things haven't been the same
I need a new shelter from the rain
My face looking weathered, a facety looking bredder I'm fed up
I know not what to do
See I'd love to say that I don't give a f*ck but I do
The gift an curse that I'm blessed with
The pressures on road ain't nothing to the emotions that I wrestle with
Stress got me in a figure four, raw is what I'm thinking
I wonder what I'm living for?
Is it only to hurt? First my great nan
Now I gotta put my dad in the dirt
Back in the earth, I wished we could have patched it up first
I was so angry though, I just couldn't handle the hurt
Now you're in the back of a hearse
It hurts more than it ever did
Sometimes I wish that I had never lived
Feels as if it would have been better if I never did, live
I don't know how I'm ever gonna get through this, sh*t
I swear down blud, I'm running on empty
My life ain't nothing to be envied
So goodnight...

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