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Professor Green

"How Many Moons"

How many moons?
How many mornings?
How many moons?
How many mornings?

[Link: Professor Green]
Have I got left til ive no breath left to breathe?
How long's left for me?
For whatever the time, for the rest of mine
I'm gonna spend time putting an end to my
Enemies who wanna put an end to my shine
Why bother try offending me?
Its off with the heads of these swines
When I sign out you're gonna remember me

Remember me? Don't nobody wanna send for me
The only time they mention me or speak or me disrespectfully is when they sleep
I've been between a lot of legs of a body of a centipede
Please enemies be more courteous, save me the sweat and forget to breath
Life could be easier I could ease it up
Instead I look like someone tryna squeeze a dump
And I haven't eatin in months so I need these MC's on the edge
Ill be the reason they jump off
Remember the jump off
When I come forth
You dont wanna be the MC I run towards
I like my liquor like I'm straight I ain't no Dumbledore
Untoward two sl*ts like I love and adore you
But this custom I come before
And its cool if I can't get it up coz ive got a cuc*mber for you
f*ck the world ima stick it in mud
And stingy wanna drink you can p*ss ina cup
I leave women as livid as stunts
So run your lips ive been itching to give a chick a bit of a c*nt punt


When I sign out you're gonna remember me

[Verse 2: Professor Green]
Sanity I squandered it
I think I've gone too far in darkness I'm wondering
Ghetts hes p*ssed he ain't on the list
Well im p*ssed im not on the top of it
Deep in thought conspiring
Get the fireman
Call my thought
A firing frime(?)
Not twiddling thumbs
I'm playing the worlds smallest violin
Inconsiderate like I give a f*ck how they feel
Kidnapping rappers and having them as microwave meals
I know my meals ready when the microwave stops
I'm a lot more Jack Nicholson than I am Michael J Fox
The creep that crept up on Pixie Lott.
In the baby grow
I sat on her knee and told her to touch me inappropriately until my daisy grows
I'm not a man of her man kind
Mechanical mad man
I make Hannibal look more like an Annabel I'm an animal at night

[Hook x2]

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