Curled up by the Fire

Thomas Reid

[Intro: Grandma Christmas]
Have you been naughty or nice?

[Chorus: cøzybøy]
I wanna get beside you
I wanna get beside you
I wanna get warm beside you
Cuddle up beside you

[Verse 1: ​cøzybøy]
Snow is falling outside
And it's got me feeling ice cold
On my insides, but I got
Fire burning bright in my loft I'm
Quiet these mice don't stir when I'm alone I
No, no
I don't wanna go to bed
I don't wanna say good night
I'ma stay up by the tree
In a blanket near the lights
And I'ma wait up till you get here
Even though you missed your flight
'Cause a holiday alone
Just doesn't feel right

Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no

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