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Johnny Cash


Here's a song called Virgie that I wrote for Aunt Virgie Haughs and I dedicate it to her husband, to her children and the countless people that loved her so much

Virgie, your house was always warm
And my bed was always ready when I came
Virgie, in the middle of the night
You would welcome friends of mine without a name

And you could always hear and see
The turning of the key
And your laughing voice to me was like a song

Virgie, your spirit sweet and free
Is living still with me though you're gone

Virgie, you spoke soflty and kind
And you never said a word to critize
Virgie your children love you so
More that we ever let you realize

And they are all I knew
That I could bring my cares to you
And when I was wrong you never put me down

Virgie, there's so much I could say
But I can't find the way to write it down
Can't find the way to write it down...

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